Friday, April 6, 2018

Hola Cuba! March 24 - 31, 2018

Kassie wanted to go somewhere warm, I said "I want to go too!" So I am on the beach in Varadero, Cuba. Kelly, Kassie, and Hailey are near by, but I am so glad to be on the beach barefoot and NOT dealing with -30 C weather!!

This is the best! Blue sky, white sand and barefeet!!

Cuba is known for their 50's cars! 

Here we are at a pit stop on our way to Havana Cuba!

A 1956 Chevy that has a toyota diesel engine and other such modifications that I can't remember. I know they keep these cars going without any Chey parts. Very resourceful and great cars! This was our ride to Havana! We had 4 of us and a driver and guide!

A street in Havana.

A school in the court yard of the public square.

Another very fine car! These old cars were everywhere!

Kassie and Hailey at our lunch spot in Havana!

View of Havana

Our resort in Varadero

Kassie at the pool of the resort!
This is where we would have lunch and spend the afternoon!

The mornings were spent at the beach!

We are waiting for the sunset! 

The sunset! It's warm here!

Headed out on our Catamaran trip!

Oh, nowhere to go and all day to get there! I love it!


I'm thinking too much! I really am happy to be here!

One of my favorite type of photos! I'm a tad crispy!

My Instagram shot of our Catamaran trip!

Lounging, it's the bomb!

Do I have to leave here? No, it's cold at home!

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