Friday, April 6, 2018

Hola Cuba! March 24 - 31, 2018

Kassie wanted to go somewhere warm, I said "I want to go too!" So I am on the beach in Varadero, Cuba. Kelly, Kassie, and Hailey are near by, but I am so glad to be on the beach barefoot and NOT dealing with -30 C weather!!

This is the best! Blue sky, white sand and barefeet!!

Cuba is known for their 50's cars! 

Here we are at a pit stop on our way to Havana Cuba!

A 1956 Chevy that has a toyota diesel engine and other such modifications that I can't remember. I know they keep these cars going without any Chey parts. Very resourceful and great cars! This was our ride to Havana! We had 4 of us and a driver and guide!

A street in Havana.

A school in the court yard of the public square.

Another very fine car! These old cars were everywhere!

Kassie and Hailey at our lunch spot in Havana!

View of Havana

Our resort in Varadero

Kassie at the pool of the resort!
This is where we would have lunch and spend the afternoon!

The mornings were spent at the beach!

We are waiting for the sunset! 

The sunset! It's warm here!

Headed out on our Catamaran trip!

Oh, nowhere to go and all day to get there! I love it!


I'm thinking too much! I really am happy to be here!

One of my favorite type of photos! I'm a tad crispy!

My Instagram shot of our Catamaran trip!

Lounging, it's the bomb!

Do I have to leave here? No, it's cold at home!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall of 2017

September 27, 2017

The Merrill gang and I went for a nice fall ride in the Pasture!

Neysa & Dillon, Treena & Piper, Dixie & Zee, Cheyenne & Dollyran

Love where I live!

Zee my handsome guy!

September 30, 2017

Nathan's kids hunting Halloween stuff in Lacombe!

Grandma Kelly with Thomas, Hunter and J.J.

These kids are so fun! I love them to bits!!!

October 07, 2017

Zak on Yuno, at the farm!

Greyson on Yuno!

Levi and Piper! Levi came to the farm with his kids for Thanksgiving and it was great! One of the better Thanksgivings I've had in years!  They stayed for the whole weekend.
I just have to say I love all the nieces and nephews, and their kids to the moon and back!  

Friday, October 20, 2017

Kenow Fire, Waterton Sept 11,2017

Here a is a map of the fire in Waterton showing how it grew in 2 days.

This is what it was like in Leavitt on Monday Sept 11th. It was orange, spooky calm, one could see ash in the air, smell smoke, and it was very hazy. (I am using mostly Corynna Mullers photos for this, she takes great shots)

 These are Corynna's photos. I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

It will be interesting to see how this summer looks in Waterton. It was amazing how the firefighters worked on this. They saved the townsite. When I went up there you can see where the fire stops mere feet from the yards and homes of the town. They were able to save everything in town but the visitor centre (umm I wonder why? could it be they wanted to build a new one?) The golf course had some damage as you can see, the Apline Stables got burned down. It was a spooky thing to have happen in one of my favorite places in the whole world.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

September Outings

Pole Haven Ride September 4,2017

Tiffany called me up and said: "We (Hubby Devon and I) are coming down on the September Long Weekend. We would like to Ride!" I of course was willing and ready to go! 

Tiffy is riding Yuno, and Devon is riding Shasta! Tiffy got married to Devon Lynn in May. I'm so glad they came down. The weather was perfect for riding, any sooner it would have been too hot, and this day was a clear day, we've been having lots of smoke this summer.

At our lunch spot. 

What a pair! 

I love my black horse! 

I love watching Tiffy take care of Devon and Shasta! 
("Watch the stick!")

Water and horses are fun!

Zee and I enjoying the view and the company!

It's warming up! Ahh Heaven!

We are at the US border. Look closely you can see the markers.

Yes I was with them! I'm not so good at selfies! I'm thinking too much! The kids look great and we are in paradise!

Apikuni Falls September 5,2017

Apikuni Falls is a short little hike of 2 miles round trip. I was lucky enough to go with the twins Marilee, Marilou along with Marilee's sister-in-law Louanna Cahoon. This hike is in Many Glacier, MT.

Marilee doing her thing! Louanna having fun!

Love the falls and love my friends!

Just for fun!

Panoramic view of Swiftcurrent Lake.

See how smokey it is! Lots of forest fires this year!

The girls got a fun Many Glacier coin purse and were bugging me about it! See our nice purses!!

So I broke down and got myself a fun coin purse!

Such fun we have on our outings!