Sunday, October 15, 2017

September Outings

Pole Haven Ride September 4,2017

Tiffany called me up and said: "We (Hubby Devon and I) are coming down on the September Long Weekend. We would like to Ride!" I of course was willing and ready to go! 

Tiffy is riding Yuno, and Devon is riding Shasta! Tiffy got married to Devon Lynn in May. I'm so glad they came down. The weather was perfect for riding, any sooner it would have been too hot, and this day was a clear day, we've been having lots of smoke this summer.

At our lunch spot. 

What a pair! 

I love my black horse! 

I love watching Tiffy take care of Devon and Shasta! 
("Watch the stick!")

Water and horses are fun!

Zee and I enjoying the view and the company!

It's warming up! Ahh Heaven!

We are at the US border. Look closely you can see the markers.

Yes I was with them! I'm not so good at selfies! I'm thinking too much! The kids look great and we are in paradise!

Apikuni Falls September 5,2017

Apikuni Falls is a short little hike of 2 miles round trip. I was lucky enough to go with the twins Marilee, Marilou along with Marilee's sister-in-law Louanna Cahoon. This hike is in Many Glacier, MT.

Marilee doing her thing! Louanna having fun!

Love the falls and love my friends!

Just for fun!

Panoramic view of Swiftcurrent Lake.

See how smokey it is! Lots of forest fires this year!

The girls got a fun Many Glacier coin purse and were bugging me about it! See our nice purses!!

So I broke down and got myself a fun coin purse!

Such fun we have on our outings!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

August Ramblings

Dragon's Tail - August 17, 2017

The group shot! Mount Reynolds is the big mountain in the background. The trail starts at the Logan Pass Visitor Centre.

We are having our snack break. The visitor centre is to the right, Hidden Lake is off to the left, destination straight ahead!

Dragon's Tail! Looks cool huh?

Fun facts: Dragon's Tail is 8450 ft above sea level, we made an elevation gain of 1800 ft when we got to the top! This is part of the Continental Divide! We logged 9 miles on this trip.

Fun place for a great pose by Marilee!

Marilee's oldest son Clark joined us on this trip!

This is one of my very favorite photo's that I've ever taken!

I loved this hike, we were able to get so high to enjoy such great vista's! I'm so grateful!

Piegan Pass - August 21, 2017

We hiked to the top of Piegan Pass to watch the Solar Eclipse. We could only see a partial covering of the sun, no problem, we were happy to see what we did! 

We all have our sun viewing glasses on and are we ever in Ahhh!

It got cold up there, Laura is warming up her hands? Or is she frightened?

A marmot! Lots of wildlife this year!

Just to document that I was here!

Triple Divide Pass - August 31, 2017

The group shot! Bad Marriage Mountain in the background! (What a name) I'm glad I'm able to hike with these fine folk!

Laura is in this picture! This tailhead is at Cutbank Ranger Station. A few miles south of St. Mary's in Glacier Park. This trail isn't used as much as it's a bit farther away with 5 miles of gravel.

Sue Ellen Nielson and Marilee posing under duress!

Are we there yet? It is 7.2 miles from the car to the Pass.

Views on the way up! Medicine Grizzly Lake under Razor Mountain. Love the red!

Just a fun picture! I should have taken my backpack completely off!


Just a cool rock! Almost looks like a foot print!

Oh we finally made it! Triple Divide Peak!
This is the only peak in the WORLD where 2 Continental Divides meet at its summit causing water to flow into 3 seperate oceans. The Atlantic Ocean off to the left, The Arctic Ocean off to the right and the Pacific Ocean behind the peak. 

Lunch! Always a highlight of any hike!
Fun Facts: 7397 ft above sea level, 2380 ft elevation gain (from the car to this point, no wonder we are tired!) By time we got back to the car we logged 16.1 miles! It didn't seem like we would ever get to the car! It was a joyous occasion when we finally got to put on our sandals!


This was a great hike!

Friday, September 8, 2017

July's Wanderings

Iceberg Lake - July 6, 2017

Iceberg Lake is one of my favorite hikes due to the icebergs in the lake. I'm so glad we did this hike early as there were so much ice, it was fun! This hike is 9.7 miles return with an elevation gain of 1275 ft. One travels through fine grizzly bear habitat and bears are frequently seen here, I've been lucky and haven't had to worry about bears!

The bear grass this year was AMAZING! So much of it, so pretty!

I had to get out on that ice! It's July remember, a hot one too!

What am I doing? Taking a picture of course!

This is the picture I was taking!

Marilee came out to play too!

See! It's fun!

What? Another moose? This hikes this year have been great!

Swift Current Pass - July 27, 2017

Now this was a HIKE! We started at Logan's Pass Visitor Centre, went along the Highline trail to Granite Park Chalet (7.6 miles). Granite Park Chalet down to Swift Current Motor Inn (7.4 miles), in Many Glacier. A group of us decided to hike up to the Swift Current Fire Lookout (a short 2.3 side trip). By time we were done hiking this fine day we logged 20 miles (Marilee would correct me and say we logged 19.6 miles) I'm going with the 20 miles!!!

This is the group at the start of the hike! (Standing) Dixie, Joan Quinton, Sharon Walburger, Lorna Uibel, Haroldine Nielson, Sherry Smith, Linda Evans, Paula Marshall, Sue Ellen Nielson, Laura Webster,(sitting) Marilee Cahoon, LaVern Appleton, Doreen Card and of course Locke Marshall front and centre! 

Our trail is up high parallel to the Going to the Sun Road.

The views and the bear grass! Love it!

The wildflowers were spectacular!

I'm guessing this is a Hoary Marmot!

Sherry and Marilee at Granite Park Chalet! Setting of the book Night of the Grizzlies. We have covered about 7 miles to this point. Lunch time! One of my favorite things about hiking!

The trail marker, I see that we have covered 7.6 miles and have another 7 to go to Many Glacier Road. Note the Swiftcurrent L.O. 2.3 miles. Locke and Paula Marshall, Sherry, Linda, Marilee and I decide we want to go to the Lookout, "it's not far", they said!

This is our side trip! Up to that little dot you see at the very top! Thanks to Marilee for this picture! When asked about this little jaunt, I describe it as Bears Hump X 10!!! It felt like a leg day at the gym!

Well I made it! I wondered more than once if I would!

This is looking north to where we want to be! Pretty amazing to be up so high! I love these views!

This is the residence of Mr Lookout man. Sherry decided to rest and wait for us to come down.

Selfie of all of us at the top! This is important to record!

This is where we are going! We started our hike around 9am, Laura Webster organized a ride up to the top, so we could go down to our cars at Swift Current! Laura is a gem! We got down from the Lookout at 4ish pm to where the trail still has 7 miles to go. As it was getting late, Paula decided to step it up and it felt like I ran the last 3 or 4 miles (that's my story!) to keep up! Paula was a tad concerned about walking through bear habitat in the evening! Can't blame her, but she is a fast hiker for sure! Me not so much!

What?? Moose again? I love what we get to see on these hikes. We arrived at our cars right around 8pm, so happy to get my shoes off and put on some sandals and to stop moving!!!! The group that didn't do the Lookout were only about 30 minutes ahead of us! That's pretty good if I do say so myself! (Remember, I'm a slow hiker)!

Finish off this hike with Marilee's photo of Heaven's Peak as seen from the Highline Trail!

Blue Lake Ride - July 31, 2017


This time a horse!
My cousins Cheyenne Smith, Neysa Pierson and families said "Let's ride!" I said of course!  Blue Lake or Bovin Lake is near the Shell Plant on the north side of Waterton Lakes National Park. 

It was a hot day, but a short ride (1.5 hrs to the lake).
Left to Right: Mark, Rigin, Montana (leaning) Neysa, Cheyenne (pink) Treena (in black) Nya and Brodie!

Nya! Check out the blue sky!

We made it to the lake! 
Montana, Treena, Nya, Brodie, Cheyenne, Rigin, Neysa, Dixie!

We let the horses cool off in the lake! I should have rode the horses in the lake, but I wasn't quite ready to get that wet or cold! Mountain Lakes are cold even if it's hot out! (Or maybe I'm a wimp1!)

I love it here! I love these people! I love my horse!

Dillon blowing bubbles! Do horses do that? Dillion does!

Brodie and his mount!

Rigin and Black Lady!

These are my horse loving cousins! I'm so glad we get to share such fun times together. I hope we get to ride again! Just need a bit cooler weather and less smoke in the air!