Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saints and Sinners!

February 16 - 22, 2017 I got to go to Vegas with these fun gals. Barbara Hinman wanted to run the Saints and Sinners Half Marathon. She asked Kelly if she wanted to go. Kelly said yes, lucky for me, Kelly asked if I wanted to go, I said I can cheer anyone running a race in Vegas, no problem!
Then Kassie and Tiffy decided they wanted to go. Therefore, we 3 decided to do the Team Relay! I of course said I get the shortest leg! So Tiffy started, 6 miles for her, Kassie, 5 miles for her, and Me, 2.1 miles!

This is before the race started! A rainy day at Lake Mead, NV, but warm enough, I liked the desert landscape! Beats snow at the moment. Cara works for Kelly and she wanted to come too!
From Left to Right: Dixie, Barb, Cara, Kelly, Tiffy, Kassie!
Who was the Saint and who the Sinner?

This is one of my favorite pictures! Kassie's Selfie!

Document for posterity that we were truly in Vegas to run a half marathon! It was Barbs idea and she was the one who trained the least! Funny! I didn't train, as it is cold in Canada, but I can say I ran the full distance of my part of the relay! 

Evidence that I was in the race! So this race was my 5th, I've done three 5km races, 2 in Polson, MT, 1 in Kalispell MT, 1 Spartan race in Calgary, and this, a Team Relay at Lake Mead, NV! It's fun to get the little goodies, for this race we got a nice black Saint and Sinners T'shirt and a little backpack!

Tiffany coming in after completing her part of the Relay! Kassie and I stood in the rain waiting for her to come in! Really too bad we weren't getting a tan while waiting! (but we weren't too hot!)

Kelly coming in the first part of her race, Barb is not far behind!

Cara coming into the 3rd and final 2.1 miles of the race! Her face tells it all! "Why did I say I'd do this???"

Kassie completing her part of the relay! She was just getting going, and felt like she could go for miles! Oh the joy of Youth!

Yup I ran the full distance of my part of the race! (a bit painful to walk for the next few day though!)

That's our team time: 2hrs 23min 47 sec!
 I do believe our team name was the TDK's!
Oh notice I choose the Saint side to finish! Ummm!

The TDK's on the podium with our medals! 
Lake Mead in the background! It was a nice place to be!

Cara finished her half marathon 13.1 miles in 2hrs 26min 31sec!
Way to go Cara!

Kelly completing her 13.1 Miles!
Way to go Kelly!

Kelly's Time!

Barb, you did it! 

Barb's time! Right on!

The Half Marathoners! Yeah!!

All of us! It was a good time!

President's Day in the USA! We drove to Red Rock Canyon, got in free and enjoyed ourselves. We would have hiked around if it was warmer, but we just enjoyed a few pit stops and the view from the car!

Just had to put in Barb's photo bomb, as it was painful for her to walk! Actually, the 3 older of us were rather tender in our walking for a day or two!

We went to Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson One! It was great! We also saw a Donny and Marie show, which was great too, but I have no pictures. We were lucky at Donny and Marie, the usher ended up getting us a table closer and that made the show even better! They were funny, much like I remember growing up!

I had to put this in as Tiffany got engaged on this trip! She stayed a week longer to rock climb with Devon, and gang. On the way home, on 25 Feb 2017 Devon proposed at the Provo Temple! I do believe the big day is 25 May 2017! Congrats you two! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Boundary Bay"Spray!" 2016

August 30th, 2016 was an excellent day in Waterton Lakes National Park, so Marilee, Marilou and I went hiking to Boundary Bay.

A pensive thought as I take in Upper Waterton Lake on our way to the Boundary, or US border. Love where I live and it's even better when there is sunshine and no wind!

We are at Bertha Bay on our way to Boundary Bay! The twins are posing nicely for the camera! Oh we have fun!

Umm Interesting indeed!

 Marilee at the Canadian point of Boundary Bay!
No guns into Canada guys!

I have so much fun watching the twins do their selfie thing! Just added the color type photo for fun, don't you feel like you are in an 80's music video?

Pay attention to the item in Marilee's right hand! It has something to do with the Spray part of "Boundary Bay Spray!" She looks like the kind of gal that wouldn't hurt a flea, huh? :)

At Boundary Bay! Canada to the left or north of the picture! USA to the right or South! Notice the Canadian in Canada and the Americans in America! 

There's that 80's video again!

On the dock enjoying the view!

Eating our lunch! We work hard for our lunch!


Really Relaxing! Ahh this is the life!

Pftttt!"Ah what was that? My eyes! My throat!"

"I'm sorry! It was an accident!"

"Am I going to be ok? Bear Spray ahhh!"

"You want a sucker? I'll carry your backpack!"

"I'll pay for ice cream! Here have a sucker!"

"Oh that really hurts, my eyes, my throat!"
"No I don't want a sucker!"
"You are buying ice cream!"

Friends again, heading home!
You know we went to Big Scoop!

Marilee had the "safe" off her Bear Spray and forgot. She was putting things away in her backpack and pushed the bear spray into its little "puka" or pouch in her pack, and pffft she hit the spray button! My thoughts were "that's so not like Marilee, why'd she do that?" I was up wind from the spray, Marilou was right in the way, and Marilee got some on her shirt and arms! She paid for that all the way home, her arms were stinging!
Always an adventure with the twins, and always a great time to be in the mountains in the summer time! Love where I live!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Leavitt Ladies Ride 2016

The Leavitt Ladies ride again, this time it is to Wishbone Landing in Waterton Lakes National Park.

From left to right we have: Treena Merrill, Kaylynn Nunn, Karen Bevans, Marilee Cahoon, Neysa Pierson, Dixie Bevans, and Shauna Smith who is taking the picture.

We all really liked this ride, spectacular views as you can see! Easy trail to ride, no steep cliffs etc.. and just the right length.

Hey there Kaylynn!

Hey there Marilee! (Nice horse, that Shasta!)

We had a great day to ride, Thursday 25 August 2016.
A bit overcast and threat of rain, but we didn't get that until the end of the ride!

Posing again for the camera! Need to record these things!

Here we are lunching at Wishbone Landing! This was such a fun discovery for me. This is across from the Prince of Wales Hotel on Middle Waterton Lake.

Perfect weather, we have our coats off and the sun feels great!

Vimy Mountain in the background! I love our annual rides.  I love the ladies I ride with, they are all the best of the best, and I love where I live that provides such great opportunities. Summer needs to stay all year!